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Bed bugs

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Bed bug control is one of the quickest and most rising concerns for pest control. Common bed bug bite may cause reactions range from mild irritation to serious allergic over sensitivity. Bed bugs are an insect of significant public health importance and a major international problem, plaguing homes, healthcare facilities and damaging the hospitality business by plaguing hotels, movie theaters and transit. Pest Free has verified capability and expertise to locate the cause and correct long-term solution.

Bedbugs Control – Things you can do:

It is advised that pest areas be vacuumed and heat cleaning products can also be used. Garments and bed sheets should be cleaned in a hot cycle and left to dry in air dry. The second trick is to store fewer items under your bed and keep the room tidy and open.


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120 SqYds(Ground + 1), 2 Bed D/D or 1000 Sqft, 200+ Sqyrds, 200SqYds(Ground + 1), 3 Bed D/D or 1500Sqft


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