Looking for an innovative and hassle-free way to put out a fire? Watch those flames being put out by our revolutionary Iceball. This self-detonating device is an updated and much more advanced version of your ordinary fire extinguisher.

Does your fire extinguisher fail at putting out all kinds of fire? This spherical-shaped device is capable of extinguishing any and all types of fire. The device has rapidly made its way to the top by adhering to the environmental standards and its automatic nature. The device’s excellent reviews speak for themselves and the harmless chemicals that are used to make this firefighting gadget will keep you safe.


Owing to its digital nature, the Iceball has a self-activation feature. The ball will remain on standby 24/7, throughout the year, and as soon as it will detect flames, it starts to dispense chemical powder that will extinguish the fire in your surroundings.

Are you worried about the harmfulness of the chemicals that are used in fire extinguishers? Don’t fret over it because the chemical used in the Iceball is non-toxic and environmentally friendly as well as acting as a moisture absorbent whilst putting out the fire.

You are probably wondering about the scale at which an automated ball can operate. The Iceball is capable of putting out fires within 100 cubic feet or more. The only thing you need to do is get the device installed. Maintenance and the technicalities of operating the device are not your headaches as the device is easy to use and only requires maintenance after a five-year period.


Upon coming in contact with a fire, the Iceball disperses a cloud of chemical powder which extinguishes the fire within no time. The ball is functioned to get triggered if there is a fire in its vicinity. Before dispensing the chemical, the ball will give you a warning sound of around 100dB.

With an average lifespan of sixty months, this self-activating firefighting device requires little to zero human assistance. The Iceball specializes in putting out fires involving clothes, rubber, solids, electricity, and combustible liquids. The expertise of the Iceball is why we would recommend you to install it in hotspots like petrol pumps, supermarkets, gas tanks, electrical witch boxes, etc.


The Iceball has a unique ability to be activated either passively or actively. The active use requires the user to throw or roll the Iceball into the flames and the ball takes a total of 3 seconds to get activated after which it starts putting out the fire by spraying the dry chemical.

Passive use, on the other hand, requires no human intervention. All you have to do is ensure that your Iceball is positioned correctly in an appropriate spot. The ball then gets activated automatically in case there is a fire. This proves to be very handy in instances when there is a fire and no one is present in the vicinity to extinguish the fire.


We know the troubles associated with the activation of such devices but the fireball’s quick-activation feature is reliable and the Iceball starts operating within 3 to 10 seconds of detecting a fire. If you were using a traditional fireball, you would have to manually operate it which would require more than 3 to 10 seconds for the entire activation process to start.

It is capable of putting out almost all types of fires including class A, Class B, Class C, Class E, and Class F which makes it a multi-purpose fire extinguishing device. Not only does this ball wash away the fire, but it will also wash away from you fire-hazard related worries by dispensing chemical in a 360-degree direction.

Are you one of those people who have a deep-rooted fear of fire? The risk associated with fire extinguishing is very high and this is where the Iceball steps in and takes matter into its own hands. Its self-activation allows you to put your safety first and rescue yourself while the Iceball takes care of the flames.


We know Iceball’s zero human intervention nature is its most sparking feature but there is still the process of installing the device which will need some involvement from you. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before installing the Iceball:

  1. Install the ball in a place where the chances of a fire being erupted are greater. Installing the ball in an isolated place will render the Iceball’s self-activation feature mode.
  2. The height at which the Iceball is installed should be appropriate for activation purposes. This means installing the Iceball at a height of at least 10 to 30 cm above the sources of the fire.
  3. When installing the Iceball, make sure that the ball is placed in a position where it easily visible to the naked eye. This is important because, in case of an emergency that requires the ball to be operated actively, it is easy to locate the Iceball and roll it towards the flames.

In case of an emergency, not only does the Iceball prioritize your safety, but it is also functioned to issue a warning signal in the form of a loud alarm that informs everyone about the situation at hand. This could result in people either rescuing themselves or speeding up the fire extinguishing process.


Do you want a safe tool that protects your premises from flames?

Iceball is an excellent choice. The device’s quick response rate prevents a fire incident from getting out of hand. The Iceball ensures your safety under all circumstances, while simultaneously protecting the environment. The ball is designed to specifically protect and safeguard you and your assets while taking the dangers of fire extinguishing on its own shoulders.

The device has quickly gained popularity and is considered a complete solution to your fire-related problems.