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There’s a reason why scary stories have been penned about rodents, they’re extremely ugly animals. While certain rats can be handled fairly well without professional assistance, it is important that you consult a specialist as soon as you know that you do have a rodent problem, so that they can conduct proper rat management procedures.

When we prepare for the cooler month, the rodents are looking to visit for heat and protection. Rodents would be one of the biggest issues. Rats and mice enjoy a comfortable warm home, shelter, food and water are the musts for a five-star rat vacation.

Unlike mice, rats are somehow not adorable and for good reason; releasing a type of bacteria in their feces which can cause significant infection within the human body, rats are a problem that any home or company must deal with instantly. Naturally cautious, they would dislike something unfamiliar in their territories, so a licensed pest controller is better positioned to work with rats.

Rat infestations are a concern because they hold a variety of diseases that can cause serious disease in humans and even death. They could also cause structural and electrical damage. Rats and mice are known to cause illness and disease, damage to infrastructure, and leave traces of urine and feces. Pest Free provides specialist services in the following areas: hygiene, rodent testing, trapping, baiting and safe protective equipment.

Rats and mice are known to be carriers of some harmful disease. They result in contamination of food , homes and workplaces with feces, urine and hair; bring fleas or parasites and destroy property by chewing through cans, wood, insulation and cables. They will take up residency just about anywhere, and they’re not intrusive eaters.

Females breed during the year and can deliver more than 100 babies. They will survive in safe areas for 3 years. It is simple to see that rats and mice, if poorly managed, will quickly multiply and pose a serious danger to public health and safety. Commercial and domestic property damage will escalate to hundreds and hundreds of rupees.

Fun facts about rats:

  • The rats will maneuver a u-bend with a width of about 1-1/2 and 4 inches.
  • Rats have solid, ever-growing incisor teeth that enable them to chew into concrete blocks, cables, aluminum, cement and lead.
  • Rats use high-frequency vibrations, scent, touch and body poses to interact with one another.
  • The rats have a very powerful social dynamic. The largest and fastest rats are going to get the best food and shelter.
  • The rats have wonderful memories. When they master the navigation route, they rarely lose it.

Rodents Control – Things you can do:

In both household and commercial settings, it is advised that rodents be kept out of the properties in the first place. Decrease the overhanging trees near the building and do not store the trash and food waste near the living areas. Investigate the outer edges of the property to ensure that the rats cannot enter. Mice could fit into tiny holes.

The Best Home Remedies to Avoid Rodents:

Sweet and salty snacks are two of the biggest attractions for rats. Once again, laying scraps of such treats will draw the rodents to your lounge room. You should still use mouse traps or bait centers.

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