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Pest Free offers effective deemak control services for your home or office. Termites (Deemak) are widely recognized for their destructive nature. These pests eat wood and polymers very rapidly and pose a widespread issue for businesses, corporate organizations and residential neighborhoods. Do not encourage dangerous termites to destroy your estate and the atmosphere. Especially places like DHA and Clifton have the most humidity, which is why houses and apartments there are more likely to have deemak.

At Pest Free, we skillfully take care of the deemak issue in Karachi. Termites are not an annual concern, but they may pose a danger to your property at any point of year. Termites (deemak) are wood eating insects that chew off the structural strength of your house. It can lay up to 30,000 eggs a day. There could be as many as 1,000,000 Underground Termites per hive. The attacker will set up pathways for the worker, and the worker will kill our furniture to serve the queen. The termites are always working 24/7 and not taking a break.

Termite damage will rapidly spiral out of control over a span of three months. As a result, the possibility of infestation is becoming very real and should be handled urgently to prevent further disruption.

Termites Control – Things you can do:

Termites need water, protection, moisture and a supply of food. Termite protection progresses by ensuring that home care provides the following self-helping tips:

  • Keep the potted plants out of the house
  • Make absolutely sure there’s a decent drainage around the structures
  • Ensure the subfloors are well ventilated and clean
  • Remove debris from drains and gutters that can cause water leakage.
  • Construct with termite-resistant materials
  • Seal of cracks and holes

Over everything the safest recommendation is to talk to Termite Pest Control.

The Best Home Remedies to Kill Termites:

If you do have wooden furniture, then you need to be incredibly vigilant as the termite adores wood, and Sometimes they are attracted by humidity as well. You should either try poisoning bait station or a mixture of lemon and vinegar can do magic to get care of them.

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120 SqYds(Ground + 1), 2 Bed D/D or 1000 Sqft, 200+ Sqyrds, 200SqYds(Ground + 1), 3 Bed D/D or 1500Sqft


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